Saturday, July 5, 2014

Become conscious about the way you are perceived as a communicator

As a manager you can take and switch between different roles when you communicate with your employees.

You may be - will be seen as:

1) The Decision-Maker (The General) who decides what goals are for the individual + the right way there.

2) The Expert providing insights and guidance  with your longtime knowledge within the professional field.

3) The Consultant who gives advice to initiatives - and help the individual
to strengthen their performance of their job.

4) A Sparring Partner who is facing opportunities and reflect 'out load' with the employee.

5) The Coach who examine individual aspirations and visions, but leave the responsibility to the individual.

6) The Motivator who has a special focus on the individual's commitment to the specific task they face.

Employees have different needs and therefore, as a manager be aware of your role

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