Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A contraption that can prevent the public from 'dangerous' comicbooks

A panel discussion took place at Copenhagen University dealing with a suggested law against drawn images of naked children.... Not photos which of cause is forbidden, but drawing of pure fantasy where noone was harmed = a law against fantasies ...

If this law is passed how will it effect, not only future artwork, but also all the books with Egon Schiele paintings, Sally Mann photographys etc. ... Artbooks a lot of people have on their bookshelf...these people will they all of a sudden be considered crimals with possesion of Child Pornography.. if the law against 'manga' is passed here .. like it already is in Sweden.

A law that criminalize not only actions but also fantasies and ideas.... cause they might lead to actions .... hmmm... it's kinda like "Minority Report"..

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